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Early COPD trajectories: Management insights (S2/E6)

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On the final episode of Season 2 of Medical Insider COPD, Professor Jadwiga Wedzicha joins Dr Richard Russell to discuss the importance of early intervention in COPD. She will discuss the use of optimised bronchodilation to improve early symptoms and physical activity, what the guidelines recommend when treating milder patients, and how HCPs can start making a difference earlier. Dr Russell will then highlight the important takeaways from a 12-year follow-up study on mortality prediction in COPD, followed by a social media update on what patients are thinking about the current COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode of the Medical Insider COPD!

COPD and comorbidities: How can epidemiology help us? (S2/E5)

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The topic of the role of epidemiology and comorbidities in COPD will be thoroughly discussed on this week’s episode of Medical Insider COPD as Dr Richard Russell is joined by Professor Jennifer Quint. They will explain the differences between COPD populations in randomised controlled trials and real-world observational studies, as well the importance of treating cardiovascular comorbidities in people with COPD. Following this discussion, Dr Russell will talk through the most important takeaways from a recent publication on exacerbations and muscle loss in smokers with COPD. Finally, he will discuss biomass fuels and their effect on people with respiratory disorders, which has been hot on social media this week.

The role of imaging in early COPD management (S2/E4)

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On the Medical Insider COPD Podcast this week, Dr Richard Russell is joined by Professor MeiLan Han from the University of Michigan in the United States. She will be discussing early COPD and how imaging can play a role in the diagnosis and management of COPD. Listen as she explores the benefits of identifying COPD earlier in the course of the disease as well as in younger patients. She will also delve into her experience working on large long-term cohort studies. Dr Russell will then present a new publication on the use of beta-blockers in patients with COPD, following a myocardial infarction. Stay to the end to hear his thoughts on the ‘invisible epidemic’ of COPD and how we can increase awareness of the disease across the globe!

Macrolides in COPD: Targeting airway inflammation (S2/E3)

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Professor Jodie Simpson (Newcastle, Australia) joins Dr Richard Russell on the Medical Insider COPD podcast this week to discuss the management of airway inflammation in COPD. Listen as she explains the different types of airway inflammation and the role of macrolides in COPD patient treatment. Dr Russell will follow this discussion by reviewing an important recent publication on the effect of muscarinic antagonists on airway inflammation. As this week’s social media hot topic, he will be highlighting what patients with COPD think of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

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Phenotyping in COPD: Tailoring treatment to each patient (S2/E2)

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Professor Arschang Valipour is this week’s expert guest on the Medical Insider COPD podcast. Join him and Dr Richard Russell as they discuss the role of phenotyping in patients with COPD and how it could influence management decisions. A new publication on the use of low-dose morphine for chronic breathlessness will be discussed by Dr Russell, alongside the effects of winter weather on respiratory disease, which has been hot on social media this week.

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Treating patients with COPD: when should we use ICS? (S2/E1)

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The Season 2 of the Medical Insider COPD starts with Dr Richard Russell and Dr Marc Miravitlles, as they are discussing the role of ICS in COPD treatment. Listen as they describe which subgroups of patients with COPD are most likely to benefit from ICS and what clinical studies into dual bronchodilation vs. ICS reveal. Dr Russell will follow this by discussing key takeaways from a new publication into the prevalence of pulmonary embolism in patients hospitalised with COPD, and by talking to us about a hot social media topic; this week it involves singing and COPD.

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Inhalation effort and why inhaler choice matters in COPD (S1/E6)

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In this last episode of Season 1, Dr Richard Russell is joined by Dr Omar Usmani to discuss inhalation effort and factors that influence drug delivery in patients with COPD. They will explain why inhaler choice is an important consideration and what patient characteristics to look out for when prescribing.

Dr Richard Russell will also delve into a newly released publication on fungal sensitisation and the impacts this has on patients with COPD. Following this, he will highlight what people are talking about on social media regarding COVID-19 and COPD, including mask wearing and the effect of the pandemic on exacerbation rates.

Is two better than one? Early optimisation with dual bronchodilation in COPD (S1/E5)

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Prof Dave Singh joins Dr Richard Russell this week to explore the benefits of using dual bronchodilation versus monobronchodilation in patients with COPD. They will explain the impact of breathlessness and physical inactivity on patients, as well as what the clinical guidelines recommend in terms of initial and follow-up treatment for COPD.

A new publication focusing on the long-term effects of pulmonary rehabilitation in elderly patients will be highlighted by Dr Russell, followed by a review of the impact of biomass fuel on COPD, a topic that is hot on social media at the moment.

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GOLD 2021: What’s new? (S1/E4)

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On the Medical Insider COPD podcast this week, join Dr Richard Russell and Prof Claus Vogelmeier as they delve into the newly released GOLD 2021 strategy.

Take notes as the experts discuss the GOLD 2021 strategy updates and highlight the more significant changes that have been made. Following this, Dr Russell will explain the key findings and interesting takeaways from a recent publication on the clinical course of co-existing COPD and COVID-19. Dr Russell will explore this hot topic further by reviewing what social media is saying regarding the pandemic and how best patients can be supported during these times.

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ERS Congress 2020: COPD Highlights (S1/E3)

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In this episode Dr Richard Russell and Professor Thérèse Lapperre debate breaking news and important highlights from this year’s European Respiratory Society Congress. Listen as the experts review the newest research in the world of COPD, with a focus on real-world studies and their applications to clinical practice. Dr Russell will also highlight the findings of a recent publication on whether the number of acute exacerbations in the previous year should guide treatment for patients with COPD. Finally, Dr Russell will delve into this week’s social media hot topic, exploring communication and words that are used with patients with COPD. Don’t miss out on future episodes!

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